5 Stand

66 Mountain Retreat guests can enjoy the challenge of our Don Currie designed on-site five-stand sporting clay course to get warmed up for upland bird hunts ,driven pheasant hunts or just to get some practice time in. Set up in a canyon on the ranch, shotguns can be provided along with lessons and safety techniques. Professional shooting instructors are available upon request.


1,000 yard steel silhouette range for the long range shooters with up to 5,000 yards available upon request.  Mid rifle range 

Rifle, pistol and three gun ranges consist of an indoor/outdoor shooting house for short, mid and long range silhouette and paper targets. Including two steel silhouette prairie dog towns.  There are also multiple shooting stations for any combination of pistol, rifle, shotgun walk through and/or three gun course setups. 

Custom shoots and target setups and professional instructors are available upon request. 

Interested in hosting a private shooting match? Course setup, range masters, and all necessary amenities are available. 


ShotKam is a video camera that attaches onto your barrel. It shows where you aimed with clarity to see pellets. Get instant video replays at the range! Rentals available $25/day. 

*Any Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet not included in rental but required. 

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Including optics mounting, cerakote coatings, custom cartridge development, and shotgun patterning.